Note: Pictures are not to size.

The picture shown represents the format in which your marker will be made.

This set contains the following:

  • 2 markers (Your choice of 1/2" R&L, R&R, or L&L)
  • 3  5/16" initials or numbers
  • Frame is made of aluminium
  • All characters are made of a lead free alloy encased in clear resin

LEAD: Our lead free alloy IS radiopaque, which means that ALL initials, numbers, and any Motif add-ons WILL show on the film.

MOTIF: By adding a Motif to this marker, it will cause the marker to be longer. Please check with the head of your department prior to purchasing your markers with any motif as all personalized marker sales are final.



  • Length -- 2"
  • Width -- 7/8"
  • Depth -- 1/8"

*All dimensions given are approximate

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  • Item #: 3A-FD
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Price $11.00